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Sine Nomine Boston Chorus performs to a tune of Tomasz Rut's paintings

Sine Nomine Chorus refers to a large body of singers or a piece of music composed for such a choir, in contrast to principal singers or soloists (from Latin: “without a name”). The appropriately named, Boston based choral ensemble under the artistic direction of Dan Ryan, has reached out to Tomasz with a request to feature his artwork as part of the upcoming performances. The artist gladly agreed.

In a collaborative effort, a selection of images was chosen for publication as posters and promotional materials.

“We are just thrilled about the added dimension that selections from Tomasz Rut are bringing to this weekend's concerts”, said Dan Ryan. “Artists and art lovers, this one's going to be extra special”.

The concerts featured Renaissance and Baroque musical masterpieces by Bach, Palestrina, Purcell and more. Tomasz could not attend, but received this thankful note:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I appreciate your willingness to collaborate with us on this wonderful concert experience. Your passion shone through your art and was complemented perfectly by the music in two gorgeous venues. Your insight through your art is inspiring and heightened the concert experience for our audience, our group and myself. I am truly appreciative of your talents and hope to keep in touch. I will be sending a CD as soon as they are mixed and mastered. As I said in the closing words for our concert, “There is no better time to be creating art, no better time to be supporting artists."

With kind regards and deep appreciation,


Tomasz commented: “I am proud to support the beautiful endeavor of Dan Ryan and his Choral Ensemble who share my desire to enrich people’s lives through art”. The artist’s many music-inspired, allegorical paintings illustrate his appreciation of music as one of the means to denote the boundaries of human ability and achievements.

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