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Named one of the most collectible living artists, Tomasz Rut continues to expand the realm of contemporary figurative painting to the artistic limits reached only by the Great Masters of the past. Often compared to the epic works of the Antiquity, Renaissance and Baroque, his Classical artwork, inducted into The Vatican Collection by Pope Benedict XVI, resurrects the dormant tradition of figurative painting, emulating the style, harmonious elegance and passion in the spirit of Michelangelo, Raphael or Caravaggio, but does it in an eloquent, modern adaptation, accommodating the contemporary viewer.

Inspired by the mythological Greco-roman origins of our western culture, the content of Rut’s work is at once dreamlike and tangible. Melding the sublime and the real, the artist seeks not to portray mythology as reality, but he transforms his subjects into sensuous, universal themes (...)



Spanning over three decades of the artistic pursuit of excellence, the creative output of Tomasz Rut is truly stunning and exceptional in scale and diversity.

Aside from his mainstream style of classically inspired figurative artwork – included in the Vatican Collection, published in two retrospective, hard-cover books and collected by numerous celebrities – Tomasz has embraced a multitude of other art forms and designs, demonstrating his relentless passion for aesthetics in all aspects of artistic expression.

The artwork Rut has been creating in the last years encompasses a wide variety of styles and mediums which, apart from realistic rendition, have no or very little resemblance to his Classical imagery. Case in point - the playful series of dreamt up “Be Different” animals, rendered in pastel on paper or cleverly titled “Classics United” in watercolor on paper, which contrasts consumer culture with echoes of Antiquity.

Same departure from strictly Classical vocabulary is stated again and again in all his new oil paintings, where Rut is demonstrating a truly mind-boggling arsenal of different styles, which include pop-art, pop-realism, surrealism and hyperrealism.

“I just needed to lighten up and find more contemporary forms of expression”, says Rut; “It’s not that I’m completely abandoning my Classical style, but I want it to coexist with more playful subject matter that sparks my curiosity and that shows more of my artistic abilities”.

In fact, he’s even created some abstracts, although he says he prefers not to promote them at this time.

Because of its diversity, the artwork needs to be grouped in collections, each representing a different, yet cohesive, subject matter. Here, we can marvel at Rodeo riders on wild horses and bulls, side by side with Endangered Animals, cleverly depicted behind a protective bubble wrap. A series of graceful, dancing Ballerinas is presented opposite passionate Flamenco dancers and Venetian masks.

The Pop-realism collection is a coined up name and not really Pop-Art, but it contains some fabulous hyperrealistic as well as crumpled, distressed images that are vaguely related to damages one can see in old Pompeiian frescoes. And Classical Pop grouping displays artwork inspired by Pop culture multiplication juxtaposed with ancient originals.

As Rut says: " in any decay and decomposition I see something beautiful and poised for survival". 

Each one of his new genres is represented on Rut’s website: and offered for sale.

The vast scale and scope of his work offer yet another glimpse into the creative mind of the Artist, whose timeless art and design bring beauty into our contemporary environments.

HGTV - Tomasz Rut

HGTV - Tomasz Rut

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