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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are many questions that are commonly asked regarding the artwork of Tomasz Rut. In this section, we will outline and answer questions that are asked most frequently. If you have other or more specific questions, we suggest that you use the CONTACT section of this website.



I have seen an image by Tomasz Rut in the past, can you help me fin out if it is still available?

Please send us as much information as possible including where and when you saw it, whether it was on paper or on canvas, its size and price, and overall description of the image. We will do our best to identify the piece for you and see if we may have it for sale. Due to the fact that Tomasz’s limited editions sell at a quick rate, there is a good chance that the title you are looking for may be sold out. The good news is that we are continually selecting new images for release as limited edition or open edition graphics.

Do you buy originals or limited editions from private collections?

No, we do not. If you wish to sell the artwork you own, we recommend that you contact your local gallery or an online art store, like Art

I own a piece of art by Tomasz Rut, but why don't I see it featured on your website?

This is not uncommon. Due to the vast history and immense body of work that the artist has created in his lifetime we have elected to keep only currently available works on display. If you would like to see a history of many of his most acclaimed works, they can be found in the extremely popular and beautifully produced Tomasz Rut Books, Volume I & II.

How much is my piece of artwork by Tomasz Rut worth? I saw the same piece I own offered on eBay at a price lower than what I paid. 

The skeptic will tell you that you overpaid for the piece. This is not true as your purchase price was strictly determined by the demand and fair market value. The realist will tell you it is worth whatever you paid for it and how much it can be insured or appraised at. The investor will tell you to wait and see how much the value will have increased over a substantial period of time. The true connoisseur and lover of fine art will tell you that it is priceless and is worth however much it really means to you.
We strive to keep our prices consistent to protect your investment. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the sellers from offering their artwork on the secondary market for lesser prices due to their circumstances


I need to have my art appraised for home insurance purposes, how do I go about it? 

A good rule of thumb is that the majority of insurance companies will accept your purchase receipt at "cost" value. As your art appreciates in value, you may want to contact a local fine art appraiser who can give you an official appraisal for a nominal fee. We do not appraise work.

What is a giclee?

Giclee, pronounced 'jee-clay' is a French term coined by Jack Guganne in 1991 for fine art prints made on inkjet printers. Our prints conform to the standards of the GPA (Giclee Printing Association) determined by the inks, substrates and resolution used to create our prints.

Ok, so what's the difference between a limited edition and an open edition print? Why is the limited edition more expensive?


Limited editions are limited in number of the images produced in an edition, open editions are not. Tomasz Rut’s limited editions are made in various size editions, but once the entire edition has been sold, no more prints are available. Open editions are unlimited in numbers and can be reproduced endlessly. Limited Editions are hand signed and numbered by the artist, open editions are not. Each limited edition print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, open edition print is not. All of these factors make the limited editions more valuable. This by no means implies that open edition prints are inferior in quality or do not hold their value.


Can a print be offered for sale as a limited edition as well as an open edition?

Yes, it can. The differences between the open edition and limited edition prints are based on size and substrate, in addition to those factors mentioned above.

How are Tomasz Rut's originals priced?


Originals are priced primarily based upon time devoted to the work, its size and complexity.

Does Tomasz do private commissions? 

Yes, please contact us directly to discuss your idea and speak to the artist. He can create a piece to fit any budget. Call us at (954) 856-0516 or email:

How does Tomasz Rut create his paintings? 

Most people are very intrigued with the sheer beauty and impact of Tomasz Rut's work. His epic figurative paintings are strong statements painted in an equally powerful process. Tomasz Rut works with live models who pose for him in the studio. He has regular photography sessions with his models and takes all his own photographs. He carefully stages poses, lighting and props for each photography session to make certain that the resulting photos will make for dynamic paintings. Many times he will actually sketch out several poses before photographing his models so that he can predetermine the compositions he will be shooting. From each photo shoot, Tomasz will usually select one or more images that he would like to reinterpret as a painting. He will then begin to paint on the canvas directly, with little to no sketching. Sketches or studies on paper are usually separate works of art and are not considered by Rut to be necessary before he begins an actual painting. The paintings are created on large pieces of canvas that are suspended on the walls of Rut's studio. He will usually work on several canvases at one time, as he uses oil paint and this allows him to work on the paintings in stages. As one piece is drying, he is adding the next layer of paint on to an adjacent piece. When the work is completely captured in its “raw form” and Rut is satisfied with the composition and figures, he will then begin the final process of “aging” the painting. Through a complex method of patination - not unlike the patination of bronze sculptures - the artist layers a series of varnishes, pigmented mediums and other chemicals that create that "aged" or "old-world effect" he has become famous for. Finally when the painting is complete to the satisfaction of the master, he will sign the piece with a simple "red" TR for his initials.

How would you classify Tomasz Rut's place in the art history?

Tomasz Rut can be considered a “classical contemporary” artist. His forms of expression are strongly rooted in the classical art traditions reaching back to Antiquity, but the variety of the subject matter and its “timeless quality” make  his work uniquely transcendent to any particular style and suitable for any contemporary settings.

Do you wholesale your products to shops, interior designers, etc?


Yes, please use the CONTACT section of this website, call us at (954) 856-0516 or email:

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