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Being different. My playful new series of drawings

Butterfant, Fine Art Print on paper, metal and acrylic

God created the species. Darwin said they evolved. I discovered a few missing links 😃

My new BE DIFFERENT series may be some surprise for those who are used to collecting only my classic figurative works. But don’t worry, more are coming. I only took a little time to explore a different subject matter and technique.

Of course, I’m kidding. God and Darwin aside, my “new species” are imaginary and playful interpretations of existing animals that I endow with unusual or amusing features, often combining multiple species in each.

You could call them “hybrids”, not unlike the products of modern science that continues to give us all sorts of “genetically improved” consumer goods. Or you could call them “chimeras” as the ancient Greeks referred to their fantastic mythological creatures.

I like to see them as remainders that BEING DIFFERENT can be beautiful, inspiring and amusing. We are all UNIQUE to the degree we are aware of our own originality 👍

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