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The static ballet of Tomasz Rut choreographed paintings.

Celebrating Miami City Ballet's 27 years in Palm Beach County


Admiring the gracefully balanced, and often flamboyantly dynamic figures locked in the woof and warp of Tomasz Rut’s canvases, one may often get an impression of looking at motionless ballet performances.

Indeed, using only scarce fabric to emphasize his model’s youthful, flexible, performance-sculpted bodies, and occasional props, like classic musical instruments which add symbolic meaning to his scenes, Tomasz carefully stages his choreographed subjects, not unlike an artistic director of a dance company.

In fact, many of his models are professional and aspiring ballet dancers endowed with the inherent elegance the artist seeks to depict. Those who posses less agility are gently directed by Tomasz to capture the static movement of the scene. (add image)

“True beauty and finesse are expressed not only in the apparent proportions of the body”, says the artist. “They are much more pronounced in a movement or a gesture, and in the tiniest detail of of the anatomy, from fingernail of a bent index finger to a gracefully positioned foot”. (add images)

Classical origins of the ballet, largely evolved from the stylistic vocabulary of the Renaissance, including the great painters as its forefathers, are also clearly evident in Tomasz Rut’s paintings and make them germane. Both have succeeded in adapting their timeless art to be admired by modern day audiences. (add images)

An avid admirer and supporter of Miami City Ballet, Tomasz and his friends attended the company’s celebration event and dinner that took place February 13th at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.


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