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The Butterfly Man


Drawing from Tomasz Rut's private collection

The butterfly man exists

He has the most beautiful wings,

Of amethyst...

He has taken me on a trip of life

Showing me the beauty of the world.

Imagine how marvelous everything is

When you fly above the flowers,

And No, I'm not 'Nils on the goose'

But I do love the amethyst!

How extraordinary his story is

As once he lost his wings

Like a fallen angel that God punished

He completed his penance

And paid for the world suffering.

The new cocoon is ready now

And astonishing wings are spreading out,

Of amethyst...

He's not an ordinary butterfly man

How many have you seen?

And what's more special about him,

From all the 'Leda Nova' he chose me.

Yes, the butterfly man does exist!

To touch my nose,

To touch humankind

And you'll see him in the spring

Dancing like a happy King

How could I not love the amethyst?

The Butterfly Man poem by Dya Martin

You can find more poems by Dya Martin at Allpoetry

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