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New color studies

STUDY FOR DYA I, Oil on Canvas (model Dya Martin)


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It’s a fresh approach.

I’ve experimented with different renditions of my subject matter at different times in the past. In fact, before I formulated my predominant ‘old world’ style involving the ‘aging’ technique, I had created many paintings inspired by a variety of styles and techniques.

And I keep experimenting.

Calling them color studies may be a misnomer. They do evoke the quality of an unfinished painting, with large areas of blank canvas left exposed, but this is done on purpose. My brushwork is quite premeditated to render the figures in a setting that may be considered more ‘contemporary’. And by extent, I use the ‘fading’ effect to accentuate the transient nature of my subject matter that doesn’t conform to any particular style.

The result is what I consider a finished painting, rather than a study. Who knows, I may ‘restudy’ it again in the future and come up with another fresh approach. But for now I’ll keep them just the way they are.

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