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Celebrating the spirit of the Olympic competition and glory, Tomasz presents his new painting “Olympica” in a tribute to the athletes partaking in the 2012 XXX Summer Games in London.

“I am dedicating this work to my father and to all the Olympic athletes in the past and present who, with their determination, persistence and achievements have been contributing to defining the limits of our human aspirations and ambitions”, says Tomasz, son of the Olympic medalist from Rome, 1960, Tadeusz Rut, who passed in 2002.

The artist has also commemorated his late father, who greatly inspired his artwork, in another recent work and part of his Olympic series, “The Hammer Thrower”.

The painting of Tadeusz Rut,

Hammer Thrower, Oil on Canvas, 38x58

“Olympica” is currently under the consideration of the Olympic Committee as an official image of the 2012 London Olympics.

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