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Son of Olympic Athlete Pays Homage to Father

Tadeusz Rut, born in 1931, was known to many track and field fans as one of the leading athletes of Polish Olympic “wonder team” in 1950’s and 60’s. In a country devastated by tragic history, World War II and in a grip of the stalinist, soviet regime, he and his peers, winning international trophies, were the national heroes, who elevated spirit of the nation desiring full sovereignty and recognition of its pride and traditions.

A bearer of the Polish flag in Melbourne, Australia 1956, an Olympic medalist from Rome in 1960, European gold medalist from Stockholm in 1958, and multiple Polish and European record holder in hammer throwing, Tadeusz was also a hero and inspiration for his son, Tomasz, an artist now living in Florida, named as one of the five most collectible contemporary artists by Robb Report.


“My father often took me with him to the games and his trainings when I was a kid”, recalls Tomasz, who despite an athletic build didn’t follow his father’s career in sports, “He even made me a little baby hammer to throw, so I hope I didn’t disappoint him too much by drawing since I was a child, instead of throwing…”

Tadeusz received the highest medals of honor from the Polish government twice: under the communist and then under the democratic rule. He was buried with honors in 2002, with most of the remaining athletic legends in attendance at the ceremony.


“I inherited my father’s many trophies and a huge commemorative album of all his action photos and press clippings, which my mother made for him in the 60’s”, says Tomasz, “I’ve felt compelled to express my own admiration for his accomplishments and I’ve recently created a painting dedicated to him”.With the upcoming 2012 XXX Olympic Games in London, where his father threw hammer in 1959, Tomasz intends to create several more paintings in memory of his father that pay homage to all of the Olympic athletes who inspire our culture and help define human ability.

Tadeusz Rut bearing the Polish flag at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.

“To my dear Father…”

“… and all the olympic athletes who inspire our culture and help us define human abilities.”

A quartet of studies for olympic throwers

High Jumper, Oil on Canvas 50x32

Click on the image to view details

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