A Visit From President Lech Walesa

We were very honored on the evening of February 16 2011, to host an event and dinner with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Solidarity Leader, and the first Democratic President of Poland Mr. Lech Walesa. Accompanying President Walesa were Lady Blanka Rosenstiel an honorary Consul of the Polish Republic and President of The American Institute of Polish Culture, Countess Barbara Pagowska-Cooper, and Mr. Piotr Gulczynski President of Lech Walesa Institute. Tomasz was delighted to cook for one of his personal heroes and prepared several dishes interpreting traditional Polish cuisine. The evening culminated in the artist presenting one of his original paintings as a gift to Mr. Walesa. Among various topics, President Walesa and Tomasz discussed the possibility of including the Artist’s work in the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican on May 1, 2011.

Tomasz Rut greeting President Lech Walesa at his house

Tomasz Rut presenting his gift to President Lech Walesa

Countess Barbara Pagowska-Cooper, Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, President Lech Walesa and Tomasz Rut

Appetizers with Mr. Piotr Gulczynski, Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, President Lech Walesa and the Artist

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