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Tomasz Rut's portraits and commissions

Just completed, Portrait of Dya - the artist’s fiancee - is a fine example of the painter’s skill in capturing not only the features, but also the personality and mood of his models.


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Frequently, Tomasz enjoys portraying subjects dear to him or is asked by his collectors to paint a unique commission of their choice, including portraits of themselves or their loved ones. Usually his answer is “yes”, though not without the preliminary discussion, vetting and his approval of the subject matter.

“I’ve received many strange requests from people over time, but some of the ideas and photos they sent me were quite inappropriate”, he confesses. “I’m amazed someone may completely misread the point of my artwork and assume I’d be interested in the porn-style photos of their wives or girlfriends”. No comment.

Yet, if the request is reasonable, he will always try to accommodate his clients by emphasizing the best features of his subjects and hiding their imperfections.

Tomasz works usually from photos that he may take himself or select from the existing pictures his clients may send him. No sittings are necessary if the photography is adequate.

Over the years, the artist has created a multitude of commissioned paintings in a wide range of sizes and media. Often rendered in his signature “old age” style, they yet display more attention to the personal features and mannerisms of the models in an attempt to describe their peculiar characteristics. But each commission is approached in a unique way. Varying from modern to classical adaptations, each painting is suited to its content.

“I usually enjoy dealing with a variety of styles and subject matter my clients want to include in the piece”, says the artist. “It is really what describes them as much as their facial or body features, and in the end it boils down to what they enjoy seeing, not me. I can only throw in my suggestions”.

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