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My "frivolous" side

Let’s change the mood for a while.

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When I’m not working on my “serious”, more elaborate art creations, I like to doodle.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been doodling whenever I was near something to doodle with and on. It started in my early childhood abundant with inspiration and art supplies readily available at my mom’s art studio. And it frequently got me in trouble throughout my early school years when I entertained myself continually with drawing in my notebooks instead of paying attention to teachers and taking notes. But curiously, it also gained me some recognition, along with the penalties, and delighted my provident mother, who put all my drawings together to give me my first solo exhibit at age 11 mentioned in the Warsaw’s Daily newspaper.

It’s always been fun to doodle. Unlike my more strictly formulated paintings, it gives me a lot of freedom to experiment with different subjects, forms and colors. And it doesn’t involve much thinking, nor preparation. Whether it’s pen or pencil, crayon, pastel, watercolor or oil, and paper or napkin with an occasional coffee spill, I use anything at hand and find something to draw, either imagined or in front of me.

I like to call these drawings “Frivolo”.

Birds sing, I doodle. It’s the lighter, playful side of my art that always reminds me life should never be too serious.

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