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Arnold and Co.

Arnold and the butterfly, Oil on Canvas. Beautiful portrait of a funny bulldog

The minute I saw him as a puppy, I knew he was the one. Love at first sight. He pushed all the other puppies aside, catapulted from his cage towards me and gave me a big, wet lick. We made an instant bond. And when I brought him home and he accidentally slipped into the Intracoastal water while exploring his new backyard, the bond became even stronger when I rescued him from drowning.

Oh yes, he’s been a handful at times chewing up my shoes and furniture and refusing to be house-trained or ever use his doggy-door. The gaseous products of his digestion can nearly fall a grown man. And he insists on attacking all moving large objects like passing buses or semi trucks.


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But he’s a “bully” after all and one “I’m innocent” look on his face instantly melts my heart and makes it alright.

He loves people, he’s gentle with children. He can play catch forever. He’s an epicurean eater of salads and fruits and he never gets sick. He is very curious about my projects and always inspects them. He’s an avid traveller and visited nearly the entire country on our road trips. And he even mastered swimming lately despite his traumatic puppy experience. He knows no fear.

I’ve had other dogs before and I loved them all. But this one is truly special. Or am I just hopelessly in love?…

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