Make America Great Again

November 8, 2016



As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big. (D.T.)


I casted my vote for Making America Great Again. And not to idolize Mr.Trump, but as an inspiration for those who believe our country can and will be great again, I painted this portrait of our new President as my recommendation of a change. 


I’m not American by birth, but I am a U.S. citizen and I love our country. Growing up in Poland, suppressed by the Soviet-imposed communist regime, I didn’t have the privilege to enjoy the freedom of voting for any constructive change and saw my country crumble down to pieces in the hands of the socialist leaders who promoted the welfare system, rewarding non-production and punishing any free enterprise, other than their own and their cronies. I witnessed the effects of collective agreement and propaganda, which assaulted any individual aspirations and human rights in the name of betterment for all, who only got worse. And I observed the hostilities splitting the country into separate fractions that prevented any constructive dialog or progress, and only deepened the corruption.


America was always my beacon of hope. Watching John Wayne’s westerns on Polish TV, I dreamed of a great, free country where the White Hats win, where an individual has the liberty to make his own choices and attain any goal. And the America I came to in the late 1970-ties made it possible and I wasn’t disappointed.


I’ve never followed the biased TV news, nor blindly voted for one political party. Living in a democratic country has been sufficiently reassuring that I did not make a mistake by leaving socialist Poland. But over the more recent years, I had a deja vu as I observed a progressing decline, which made me very concerned about the direction our country was taking. Sadly, in the name of liberty for all, the Johny Do Gooders have continued to assault any opposition to their progressive agendas, which not only rule out any constructive dialog, but also discredit America as a free country in the eyes of the world. This, combined with the rapidly growing costs of living, welfare system corruption and stultified economy is not a way to make America great!


I don’t know if Mr. Trump can indeed think big and make our country great again, but he gets my vote of support and I remain hopeful! 


SEMPER IDEM                            SEMPER FIDELIS                         FIDES CARITAS SPES


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